Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fireflies or Lightning Bugs?

Whatever you choose to call them their first sighting on an early evening signifies the beginning of Summer to me.

While at Market, on Saturday morning, I saw my first lightning bug. It didn't make much of an impact what with it being daylight and all.

I've been keeping vigil for the last few weeks waiting for the first arrivals and Sunday evening my patience paid off.

First there were a few flashing lights and I was excited. After first dark passed the show began and I was giddy.

What signifies the beginning of Summer to you? The smell of just cut grass, that first ripe tomato, fresh picked green beans from the garden??

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My New Favorite Footware ... Not!

Finally got to see my podiatrist on Tuesday. After viewing my earlier X-rays then taking more X-rays he determined one of the extra bones in my left foot is cracked. Yes, I have extra bones in both feet and yes, I am a freak. There is also some tendon and ligament damage to my foot. I will be wearing the stylish boot for a month. =(

This Saturday Angela and our sister DebJo will be at a show in Princeton, IN and Angela's husband Mark and I will be at the Farmers Market.

I may be down .. but I'm not down for the count! [smile]