Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Someday ...

Someday I want my back garden to look something like the one in this photo. Minimal mowing with maximum production is my goal.

I have made a good start but know it will take me another year or two to be this productive.

This spring/summer I added a dwarf cherry tree (North Star) and a semi-dwarf plum tree (Santa Rosa). Saturday, if all goes well, I will pickup two hazelnut trees and two elderberry vines. Espri from Brambleberry Farm will meet me at Market to bring the plants. I could of ordered the plants online but like to keep my money local. Next year I want to add dwarf apple trees and expand the vegetable garden.

My asparagus is doing wonderfully. Top dressing it with the good stuff from under the bunny hutch has really encouraged new growth. The first stalks were rather spindly but the new stalks are much more sturdy. The six red beefsteak tomatoes are amazing. Keeping them tied up has made a difference. They are full of baby tomatoes and I have only removed one tomato hornworm. My green beans will be ready for picking in a day or two. they are a French filet bean and I can't wait to taste them. I have harvested a few new potatoes and onions in anticipation of a feast.

Closer to fall I am going to try having a farm stand here on the homestead. My veggies will start coming in when everyone else's are winding down. I can sell eggs and maybe some of my yarn too. This venture is still in the planning stages so we will see ....

Take Joy!