Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Good Book!

I recently bought "One-Woman Farm: My Life Shared with Sheep, Pigs, Chickens, Goats, and a Fine Fiddle" by Jenna Woginrich of Cold Antler Farm

It was very good from start to finish. I read it straight though in one evening but after my friend finishes it I will read it again more slowly. The artwork that began with the inside papers and continued on every page through out the book was wonderful. The text came partly from her blog but I think it was presented with a little more polish and deeper thought.

I may not agree with everything she thinks, or does, but that is okay. Her words cause me to examine my own goals for my farm and life. I have 25 years on this young woman and those years cause me to be more conscious of the what ifs that can occur and must be dealt with nearly every day.

There are almost 10 years left before I will retire. Until that time I am working to have the bones of my tiny farm in place so I will spend my retirement enjoying and maintaining what I have worked hard to set in place. Being responsible for much of my food is an important goal for me. Getting major repairs made to my home is a necessary goal that can't wait very much longer. With the extra I am paying on my mortgage my house should be paid for in two years. I am praying my 14 year old car will hold on for 3 more years before it completely gives up the ghost. Lately every trip is a spiritual experience. One of those "Please Lord just one more trip" if you know what I mean.

Library is about to close so I need to get a wiggle on. Praying for a productive week for all!

~ Peace ~

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Satisfied Customer ..... Really!

Sweet babe wearing my hat.

This little Miss Sober-sides is wearing a hat made in one of my most favorite colorways. I wish I could remember where I bought the yarn. I think it must Joann Fabrics.

Angela said the babe's mama remarked about how solemn she had been all morning. That she was thinking "deep thoughts". :)

Oops! I have told people all week that this Saturday, October 19th, is our last Market. The last Market is actually October 26th. So yay for us because the 19th is looking as though we may be rained out.

Angela and I are working hard to build up our inventory for the last days of Market and the Holiday show November 9th at the Orleans Elementary School. We keep telling our hands "Don't fail us now!" So of course I have had that old Hoyt Axton song "Boney Fingers" in my head for a couple of weeks. "Work your fingers to the bone ...... what do you get? Boney Fingers"

You can also items made by The Sisters at a new boutique in Bedford, IN called Franki & Pips . It is an eclectic shop of new and vintage items. Nothing else like it in Bedford! They also have a Facebook page where you can get updates of what coming soon or is in stock. They rarely have many of the same thing so your  purchases will be very unique.

Best call it a night and go put the farm to bed!