Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shhh ... I have a secret

Don't tell my family (or my allergist) but I have "Bunny Fever" again.

Every spring I get BF but this year it's a really bad case. I've checked out bunny books from the library and have been looking at different sites and blogs for cute bunny hutches. English Angora bunnies are my first choice. I love their little furry faces and froufrou ears. I want a pair (Not to breed!) but so they will have company and not be lonely.

My backyard has plenty of room for a hutch. It would be sheltered in the winter months but catch the cooling breeze of summer. It could be very doable in town. While city regulations prevent residents from having sheep or goats, bunnies and chickens are allowed. I'll save my chicken dreams for another post. lol

Remember it's a secret so don't tell Angela or the rest of my family ... they don't have the vision!!

~ Penny ~

Saturday, March 21, 2009

We Survived!

Taught my class this afternoon and it was all good. My student was a sweet lady and seemed to enjoy herself. I was blessed by Stephen, a library customer and the fellow who taught Angela to needle tat, when he carried in my microwave then returned at 3:00 to carry the thing back out to the car. I really appreciated his help!

Just picked up a new book at work "Fresh Food From Small Spaces". The book looks good. It's about year-round growing, fermenting and sprouting. I have recently requested a couple more books "The Urban Homestead: Your Guide to Self-sufficient Living in the Heart of the City" by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen. The second one is "Made from Scratch: Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life" by Jenna Woginrich. I thought both books sounded interesting.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

~ Penny ~

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yay For Spring & I have a Student!

It's the first day of Spring and a beautiful day!

While I was home sick on Tuesday I received a call wanting to know if I had room left in my soy candle class on Saturday. Yes I replied .... I didn't want to scare her off so I didn't tell her she was my one and only student! LOL Please pray for me that I can make this class fun and informative.

I'm still knitting facecloths and tweaking my pattern. So far my testers have enjoyed using these super soft cloths. I've changed the edging so the corners will not curl and am much happier with the finished product.

I'm making a run to Michaels to pickup one more thing for my Easter window display at work so goodbye for now.

~ Penny ~

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weather Report from Indiana

We have been having crazy weather so far this March. Temps ranging from the high 20s to the high 70s, two tornado touchdowns, I'm expecting another hurricane anytime now ... remember Ike. We didn't get the precipitation but we certainly got the wind from that one!

One tornado took the homes of two of our extended family. If you saw a photo of a a school bus upside down on what was left of a home that bus and house belonged to Daddy's cousin! The other tornado damaged the home of a classmate of my niece Heather. The good thing is we are blessed with no being hurt.

My day is almost over. I'm going to offer to walk my furry nephew Toby then head to the house. Hope everyone has a good evening!

~ Penny ~