Friday, May 1, 2015

What is more fun than a duckling??

Answer ... a duckling with her own wading pool. I paid $8.00 for a small wading pool at the Dollar General Store and it was money well spent. Daphne has had such a good time the last two evenings playing in her pool. She does this snorkeling thing and skims the bottom then jumps up and flaps her wings. Freaks the cats out. She is very jealous of her pool and the cats are not allowed near it. Poor Leonard, while minding his own business, walked past it last night only to have Daphne reach out and tweak his tail. 

We are suppose to have a pretty weekend so I will be working on her pen. I'm thinking it will be 10'x 20'. That should be plenty of room for her and the four Ameraucana pullets I will be getting next month. Really looking forward to adding some blue eggs to the mix of cream and brown eggs I am currently getting from my mixed flock. 

Sunday I planted  the Santa Rosa Plum where it will eventually offer some shade on the bunny hutch. I am still deciding where to plant the dwarf North Star Cherry tree. Apparently at some point the back yard was heavily graveled which makes any deep digging beyond me. :(  

My wee bit of garden is producing Kale and scallions. The Kale is very tender with a good flavor. Two of the Rhubarb plants came back. They were in a bad spot that wants to flood in heavy rain so I have transplanted them to a raised bed. So far they are pouting and very droopy. We are suppose to get some rain tonight and I am counting on that to perk them up.

I am experimenting with container growing Yukon Gold potatoes. They are in shrub pots that I have partially filled with compost. As the plants grow I will keep filling the pots with more compost/top soil. Not expecting a big harvest but just enough to rob the plants for small potatoes for the green bean pot. :)

                                                                      ~ Penny ~