Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a Time I've Had Lately!

This post was started on February 21st but for some reason I forgot how to do a hyper link and had to wait for an epiphany ... It is now March 6th sorry it took so much time. =)

I sent a
big order off to Pinetree Garden seeds. It included lots of heirloom veggies, herbs and a few flowers too. I also ordered several feet of floating row cover. I think (hope) this will keep the feral cats of out the raised beds. I just know those fresh beds are going to look like giant litter boxes to the cats running around my neighborhood!

Before coming to the Library I stopped at the Farm Store, not to be confused with the Tractor Supply store (which is still my first love) and made my very first chicken purchase. Ta da! I am now the proud owner of a one quart chicken waterer suitable for small chicks. It is similar to the one in the photo but has a galvanized base. I am such a dork! LOL I took it into the Library to show a few coworkers. They just laugh and humor me so it's all good.

Don't faint Angela! I think I figured out not only how to add photos but I also worked on my Favorite Blog Reads list. Whew it has been a big day for this chick! Bad pun was intended!)

Life is good and Spring is almost here!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you had a wonderful day spent with the one(s) you love!

~ Penny ~