Sunday, November 27, 2011

Getting Ready for Old Man Winter

Our Market season finished the last Saturday of October and while I will miss seeing our customers and vendor friends I have to admit to being tired and ready for an occasional Saturday lie-in. Since Market ended we have done two shows and had a Retreat with our Back Porch Friends ladies so I just got that lie-in this Saturday morning.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, warm and mostly sunny, so I winterized the chicken run. If I wrap the run in heavy plastic about 2 1/2 ft. high it blocks a lot of wind off the girls. I also cleaned their lil coop and added fresh straw bedding.

Next will be the bunnies turn. Skirting the bottom section of the hutch with that same plastic keeps the wind from blowing under them it and makes a huge difference in their comfort. Later when it begins to stay consistently cold I will put plastic over the wire portion of the hutch for added protection leaving the door uncovered for fresh air.

My little cottage will be getting her windows covered in plastic and new blinds. I eventually plan to make window quilts ... but I doubt that happens this year. Half my windows are original to the house and are not the most efficient so I definitely want them covered.

I found a great deal on the bamboo blinds that I love. Some will be topped with long lace valances and others with battenburg style cafe curtains. It will be a funky look but I think I will like it. My living room has had vertical blinds for the last several years and I have never liked them.

When I moved here from the country it bothered me that my house sat so close to the street and that my neighbors were also so close. I still do not want anyone looking in but I've loosened up enough to not want to live in a cave. The blinds are made of matchstick bamboo so they will let in filtered light and can be rolled up if I want to let in even more light.

A kerosene heater is on my list for this year and I have been doing some price comparison. So far the Tractor Supply is the least expensive. I would prefer a small wood stove but to do it right is price prohibitive this winter.

One more oil lamp and lamp oil is on next week's purchase list. I would love to find more beeswax candles too.

The Library is closing in a bit so I had better get a wiggle on. Have a blessed week!