Monday, July 29, 2013

It's an Eggs-cellent Day!

Red Star Egg

I am hanging out at Angela's house sick. Low grade fever, wicked sore throat that is trying to go into my ears, body aches and a headache too. I'm on the computer so I will stay awake until I can go to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions. After all of that misery you may be wondering why I think it is such a good day.

This is a day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Yep some days you just need to get up and believe. Otherwise you will end up wallowing in your misery.

Oh the photo of the egg? It is one I found in the nest box this morning. It is bigger than an early pullet egg but not the jumbo size they will eventually become. Another reason to be happy and do a lil rejoicing ... the eggs are coming on so Yay!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Good Grief!

I am such a slacker in so many ways ... blogging has now been added to the list. sigh

I was discouraged after losing my chickens in the "Massacre" but went ahead and purchased 14 chicks from the Tractor Supply and Orschlen's Farm Store in March. I went with a mixed flock because I like the different colors of both feathers and eggs. 

About six weeks ago two of the "New Girls" began crowing. Yes this makes four roosters I have had to deal with in my short time of having a flock. Strangely it wasn't trying to mate with anyone who would stand still long enough that caused the mass hatred but rather none of the girls liked them because they were so crazy mean! They would grab a passing bird by the wing and sling them like a Frisbee. Other times they would grab whoever was going by and bite down on the back of the girl's neck. There was so much shouting and screaming (From the girls and me!) early on that I was already trying to give them away. After the crowing began they definitely had to go. I finally convinced a co-worker to take them home with him. They had been living on organic feed, fresh fruits and veggies since they come to my farm so I told him they should be good eating. Yes, I told John I did not care if he sent them to Freezer Camp I was that over them.

A few of the pullets have begun laying. I love finding those little eggs in the nest box. So far it looks as though a Buff Orpington and two of the Red Stars are leading the way. When I begin getting a dozen a day my customers will be happy. I keep giving reports to interested parties. I need to get a new license from the Health Dept. and also apply for my State egg license. Lots of folks skip the licensing but I want to be on the up and up.

My sister Angela and I now have a Facebook page. Look for "The Sisters" from Bedford, IN. If we can get our sister Debbie to get her craft on maybe the site will carry goods from the three of us. Right now Deb is recovering from a right shoulder break/Rotor Cuff surgery so it will be months before she can be productive but I believe in planting the seed. [wink] She makes great bags with multiple pockets. I have worn most of mine out and would appreciate some replacements. :)

I placed some of my Ruffle Scarves on our page today. The one I call Strawberry Parfait is perfect for little girls who like a bit of bling. I especially like the scarf in two shades of Green with Champagne. It's soft subtle colors are very pretty.

The rain that kept us from being at Market has stopped so I think I will go home and groom bunnies.

Hope you weekend is restful and you will recharged for next week.