Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Good Day and a Chicken Roundup

February 2nd was Mom's 74th birthday and Daddy's followup appt. for another procedure. We received the great news that Daddy is still cancer free. Big PTL!

Angela and I took the folks to The Olive Garden for a celebratory late lunch. Most of us enjoyed our meal but Olive Garden is not Daddy's favorite ... as he let us know. {smile}

When I arrived home the sun was shining and it was relatively warm for a early February day. It was such a pretty afternoon I decided to set my self up with a chair, soda and my knitting while the hens free ranged in the barnyard (also know as my backyard). The girls love eating grass and scratching around the edges of the compost pile.

The Little Black Hen, no name as yet, is a cat chaser. Mostly she has it in for Indy. If she spots poor Indy first she gives her the stink-eye then takes out after her, head down, wings spread, and get the cat her aim. Indy is beginning to be a lil paranoid about TLBH. Always looking over her should to keep tabs on her nemesis. Lennie and Seal, the kittens from this fall, aren't fools they stay under the porch out TLBH's way.

Frack would graze for a while then come over to me to visit a bit. She is very social and liked to keep track of my knitting and nibble on the ends of my wooden needles. She is a sweetheart!

Everything was fine for about a hour then the girls began drifting into the neighbor's lawn. Not a good idea. The wind had also picked up causing it to be colder so it was time for the girls to go home to their run. Frack was easily scooped up, placed under my arm and placed in the run. Frick .. no problem. Rosemary is such a good girl. Just tuck her under my arm and pop her into the run. Then I picked up Tansy. Oh.My.Goodness. She squawked and carried on as though she had never seen me before in her life. Screamed like a big ol' girl. Napoleon comes racing over and began trying to spur me to rescue Tansy. So I'm trying to hold on to Tansy, who is easily ten pounds and not cooperating and push back Napoleon with my foot. He ended getting popped in the chest with my size nines six or eight times before I was able to dump Miss Tansy into the run. Napoleon has all the instincts of a good rooster. He was doing his best to protect the girls but I am so over him. He has to get a new home asap. I'm just not coordinated enough to do that routine on a regular basis. If I fall it will be ugly!

Library is ready to close so I had better stop for today.
Have a blessed week! Penny