Thursday, August 19, 2010


There were four eggs in the nest box Sunday morning. Since then we have two more plus a couple of near-misses. The near-misses include one egg that was perfectly formed except it lacked a shell. Cicely popped out a yolk after much contemplation the other day and after more consideration followed it with the membrane. I have never seen a chicken have a "far away" look in her eyes but Cicely did while passing that egg.

The large light tan egg in the photo was a double yolk. I still do not know who is laying which eggs. I think the brown eggs may belong to the Red Stars and the light tan eggs to the Buffs Orpingtons.

We are still waiting for rain. It has been weeks since we had any kind of helpful showers. The grass/hay is crunchy and many gardeners have lost much of their produce.

The perennials and herbs I planted in early July have done very well. They have only been watered three times since they were planted. When planting we always place the plant in the hole and water well. After back filling the soil I left a depression to form a shallow well and watered again.

This my first time to use landscape fabric with a mulch cover and I highly recommend it. Most of what I planted is invasive so I cut large holes in the fabric to allow for growth. The fabric/mulch combo should keep everything in check but still allow nice full plants.

The small arbor I had been keeping my eye on at the Tractor Supply finally dropped to where I could afford it. While I love the look of traditional white arbors to avoid extra maintenance I'm sealing this one and letting age to gray. After it is assembled and in place I will get my photographer to take a few photos.

Time to head home....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hallelujah It Rained This Morning!

It didn't last very long but we received a much needed gentle rain this morning. I sat on my back porch before work and called Mom to see if it was raining at the farm too. It was .. so Yay!

Earlier this Spring we were moaning all it did was rain and storm but it has been several weeks since we had any rain and it has affected farmers, gardeners and the animals.

Last night, at first dark, I watered down the chickens' run. It had become so dry that the soil was turning to dust. The only green showing was a ground cover the girls do not care to eat. Hopefully the combination of that watering plus the morning shower will green things up. The girls do like a little fresh grass. =)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Giveaway at Two Frog Home

I almost forgot to mention Kathy, at Two Frog Home, is offering a giveaway of one of her new e-courses. They both sound great and I am hard pressed to choose just one.

Visit her and please mention you saw the giveaway here.


Week's Update.

My sister Debbie brought Jaidy to the Library on Friday. They popped into the office and visited for a few minutes. Deb told me Jaidy said she wanted to go to the "Liberry" to see Penny, play and get books. Big yay that she put me before play and books! ;^)

We had a great day at Market. The weather was perfect! We spent time visiting with friends, got a little baby love and made some money. My hand dyed wool received some compliments and a couple of folks were intrigued by the indigo dyed yarn and shibori.

I worked on a silk scarf this morning. It is almost ready for the indigo vat. If it is "photo worthy" I'll ask Angela to take a few photos. This afternoon I will prop up my feet and but the rest of the indigo yarn on the swift and use my ball winder. I should have five skeins to take next Saturday.

I also need to make more earrings to cover the ones I sold yesterday and fill up my display. I think I'll make a few dainty little earrings for young ladies. Most of what I create are long and not really appropriate for the younger girls.

Tomorrow I go to Carmel, Indiana to see my knee surgeon, Dr. John McCarroll. He is the doctor who did my ACL reconstruction several years ago. My nurse practitioner thinks I have a cyst on the tendon of my right knee. It has begun to bother me so I decided it should be taken care of before Angela has her surgery at the end of the year. Hopefully it won't be a big deal.

Take care and stay cool!