Thursday, August 19, 2010


There were four eggs in the nest box Sunday morning. Since then we have two more plus a couple of near-misses. The near-misses include one egg that was perfectly formed except it lacked a shell. Cicely popped out a yolk after much contemplation the other day and after more consideration followed it with the membrane. I have never seen a chicken have a "far away" look in her eyes but Cicely did while passing that egg.

The large light tan egg in the photo was a double yolk. I still do not know who is laying which eggs. I think the brown eggs may belong to the Red Stars and the light tan eggs to the Buffs Orpingtons.

We are still waiting for rain. It has been weeks since we had any kind of helpful showers. The grass/hay is crunchy and many gardeners have lost much of their produce.

The perennials and herbs I planted in early July have done very well. They have only been watered three times since they were planted. When planting we always place the plant in the hole and water well. After back filling the soil I left a depression to form a shallow well and watered again.

This my first time to use landscape fabric with a mulch cover and I highly recommend it. Most of what I planted is invasive so I cut large holes in the fabric to allow for growth. The fabric/mulch combo should keep everything in check but still allow nice full plants.

The small arbor I had been keeping my eye on at the Tractor Supply finally dropped to where I could afford it. While I love the look of traditional white arbors to avoid extra maintenance I'm sealing this one and letting age to gray. After it is assembled and in place I will get my photographer to take a few photos.

Time to head home....


Sunny said...

Glad you have eggs, Penny..... my hens have gone on strike! Well I have been getting 2 eggs a day, but out of 7 hens thats not much LOL!

Conni said...

The eggs look beautiful!

Sandra said...

Fresh eggs...what a wonderfully simple blessing. My thoughts went, immediately, to chess pies. Those eggs would showcase a chess pie. I think I'll call up my young friends and see if they have eggs this week, thanks for the nudge.

Laura-IH said...

What a pretty picture, Penny!