Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's Still a Kit

Unfinished Kromski Prelude Spinning Wheel

My new wheel is still in kit form. All the parts, except the wheel itself, have two coats of Golden Pecan stain. One more coat the I'll apply a coat of clear satin finish to finish it off. Then comes the fun part of "some assembly required". =) There are films available on the Kromski website and the Hoovers are only a phone call away so I'm not too worried about putting it together. Now we need a nice Polish name for the new girl on the block ... any thoughts??

Happy Father's Day!!

The photo is an older one of my Daddy in his workshop (and not the best shot in the world). I have no clue to what project he is working on that day. It could have been for Mom, or one of his girls, or one of his sisters, or maybe even a paying job.

My sisters and I are blessed to have parents who love and support us. Even we do something they might consider a harebrained idea ... can you say raise chickens in town??

Love you Daddy!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

So Excited!

I've ordered a new Spinning Wheel.

For portability, and my budget, I chose The Prelude from Kromski . Mine is the unfinished model so I will be staining and sealing it myself. I like that it has a built-in Lazy Kate and pretty wood turnings. Because it has the look of an antique wheel it can be used by re-enactors too.

Trying to stay as local as possible I decided to buy my Prelude from Rooster's Run Farm. David and Pam Hoover from Salem, Indiana are my closest Kromski dealers. Besides selling Kromski products the Hoovers also raise and sell Shetland and Finn Sheep plus Angora goats. They attend many of the fiber events in Indiana and sometimes local Farmers Markets too.

Next Wednesday is the pickup date. I'll have the whole day to get it stained and ready to go. 
I. Just. Can't. Wait.