Saturday, January 28, 2012

Catching Up and Moving Along

Apologies all around. I haven't gone this long with out posting for ages.

Christmas was a blessing. Most of our family was able to be together to celebrate and open gifts on Christmas Eve. Miss Jaidyn was a hoot. Being a four year old is a pretty wondrous thing at Christmas time. A sinus infection took me down on Christmas Day so I spent it in bed with fluids, throat drops and tissues ... not much fun. After a few weeks of yuck I'm much better.

I have a Kindle Touch and am using the Amazon gift cards I have acquired through Swag Bucks to build my library. If you haven't tried Swag Bucks I highly recommend them. It takes 450 points to purchase a $5.00 Amazon card. If you do any searching at all those points will build up quickly. I have a link on the left side bar if you would like to investigate SB. The first title I purchased was "Barnheart" by Jenna Woginrich. While I am really liking the Kindle it is doubtful it will ever beat holding a book in my hand.

January held two birthdays for my family. My niece Hillary turned 25 on the fourth and Angela gained another year on the thirteenth. Yep her birthday was once more on Friday the Thirteenth. We call it her lucky day. =)

Seeds will be started for tomatoes and peppers in two more weeks. I purchased a second greenhouse shelving unit at the Tractor Supply a few weeks ago. It will go inside my "greenhouse-in-a-box" for extra protection when I plant some cold hardy seeds for plants such as lettuces and other greens. I think the double covers will help hold in heat to give a little added protection for germinating seeds and developing plants.

Tomorrow I will sit down with paper, pencil and calendar to plan the rest of the planting schedule. Angela and I want to do some canning this summer so I want to have a plan for succession planting to keep us in produce, plus have some to sell. The plan will also tell me how many more raised beds I need to add. I found some end of the season deals on large flower pots last fall and will use them and a couple of flower boxes in addition to the beds. The pots and boxes can be tucked in here and there to add more growing space. Vertical growing is also something I want to add this year. Homesteading on a small city lot requires you to be creative.

Our temperatures in south central Indiana have fluctuated so much I am concerned about my Peach and Fig trees breaking bud. It has been nothing to have 30 degree changes from day to day. Crazy! I need to research dormant oil sprays for the Peach tree and see if they do anything for the Figs too.

Chick Update:
Tansy ended up raising three pullets and one rooster. They are now four months old and it is past time for the rooster to go! I call him Napoleon. If he was able tuck a wing into his waistcoat while puffing out his chest he would. My co-worker Roni is suppose to take him and I hope it is tomorrow. My lil town has a no roosters allowed ordinance and I'm afraid all the crazy crowing, beginning at 3:30 in the a.m., is going to get us in big trouble. He is a pretty thing but ... I. Am. Over. Him.

Next month Angela and I are vending at a two day show in Kokomo, Indiana. It is the Winter Woolin Workshop. This is a first time show for us so please wish us well and pray for traveling mercies as it is a bit of a drive.

Better get a wiggle on as there are farm chores that need tending to. Have a Blessed Week!

P.S. Napoleon still needs a good home. Roni decided against taking him as she hopes to be moving in the near future.