Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week's Update.

My sister Debbie brought Jaidy to the Library on Friday. They popped into the office and visited for a few minutes. Deb told me Jaidy said she wanted to go to the "Liberry" to see Penny, play and get books. Big yay that she put me before play and books! ;^)

We had a great day at Market. The weather was perfect! We spent time visiting with friends, got a little baby love and made some money. My hand dyed wool received some compliments and a couple of folks were intrigued by the indigo dyed yarn and shibori.

I worked on a silk scarf this morning. It is almost ready for the indigo vat. If it is "photo worthy" I'll ask Angela to take a few photos. This afternoon I will prop up my feet and but the rest of the indigo yarn on the swift and use my ball winder. I should have five skeins to take next Saturday.

I also need to make more earrings to cover the ones I sold yesterday and fill up my display. I think I'll make a few dainty little earrings for young ladies. Most of what I create are long and not really appropriate for the younger girls.

Tomorrow I go to Carmel, Indiana to see my knee surgeon, Dr. John McCarroll. He is the doctor who did my ACL reconstruction several years ago. My nurse practitioner thinks I have a cyst on the tendon of my right knee. It has begun to bother me so I decided it should be taken care of before Angela has her surgery at the end of the year. Hopefully it won't be a big deal.

Take care and stay cool!

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Angela said...

Yaya for no surgery. I am loving the indigo yarn. It is rocking my sockies. :o)