Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a Time I've Had Lately!

This post was started on February 21st but for some reason I forgot how to do a hyper link and had to wait for an epiphany ... It is now March 6th sorry it took so much time. =)

I sent a
big order off to Pinetree Garden seeds. It included lots of heirloom veggies, herbs and a few flowers too. I also ordered several feet of floating row cover. I think (hope) this will keep the feral cats of out the raised beds. I just know those fresh beds are going to look like giant litter boxes to the cats running around my neighborhood!

Before coming to the Library I stopped at the Farm Store, not to be confused with the Tractor Supply store (which is still my first love) and made my very first chicken purchase. Ta da! I am now the proud owner of a one quart chicken waterer suitable for small chicks. It is similar to the one in the photo but has a galvanized base. I am such a dork! LOL I took it into the Library to show a few coworkers. They just laugh and humor me so it's all good.

Don't faint Angela! I think I figured out not only how to add photos but I also worked on my Favorite Blog Reads list. Whew it has been a big day for this chick! Bad pun was intended!)

Life is good and Spring is almost here!


Milah said...

Aww...your getting little chicks! I'm excited for you, they are so much fun!

Angela said...

Well this ole mother hen is oh so proud of her OLDER chick! Do you like the header? Thank you for my shamrock plant! I love it and you. I told Mark you spoiled me toooo much.

Sunny said...

will be looking forward to photos of your new chicks, and tell us what kind you are getting. We got some a year ago and now we are getting nice big brown eggs!