Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weather Report from Indiana

We have been having crazy weather so far this March. Temps ranging from the high 20s to the high 70s, two tornado touchdowns, I'm expecting another hurricane anytime now ... remember Ike. We didn't get the precipitation but we certainly got the wind from that one!

One tornado took the homes of two of our extended family. If you saw a photo of a a school bus upside down on what was left of a home that bus and house belonged to Daddy's cousin! The other tornado damaged the home of a classmate of my niece Heather. The good thing is we are blessed with no being hurt.

My day is almost over. I'm going to offer to walk my furry nephew Toby then head to the house. Hope everyone has a good evening!

~ Penny ~


Connie W said...

The winds blew wildly here during that tornado interval and we had many watches but luckily no hits. I did sew some of the news on TV of damage in Odon. I have never enjoyed spring because of the drastic weather ups & one day...snowing the next...high winds...even when I was a school kid and up till now, Spring was not my favorite time of year. I always look forward to its end and the early summer which is usually mild and pleasant. I'm waiting for THAT.
Give that sweet sister a hug from me and tell her I say hello!

Penny said...

And Toby says thank you!

Laura-IH said...

Yikes! That sounds scary! Stay safe!