Monday, February 22, 2016

Back Again

A tangle of yellow.
It has been a long, difficult winter and I am so looking forward to Spring!  

After a long hiatus I am ready to refurbish, and restart, this poor neglected blog. I have updated the Blogs I Read sidebar. Many of the blogs I had listed are defunct so they are gone and a few new ones have been listed. I am planning a new Header with farm photos so that will be fun. 

Choose Joy!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Welcome back; you've been missed! Spring. You're sure it's coming...right? I'm in the midst of getting ready for another snow storm.

Bee Lady said...

Surely that forsythia isn't blooming already! I am so ready for spring as well, but I hear we are getting a winter storm on Thursday. Bleh!

Cindy Bee

Old Jail Artist said...

I would love to see more from you, Penny! I'm trying to post more regularly on my blog as well.

sathya technosoft said...

How nice to find this post this morning!