Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Time is passing quickly.

 Summer is nearly over here in southern Indiana. We have had a few days, and evenings too, where it has felt like early Fall. I am ready  to move on from this Summer of emptiness.
After taking a fall at work last July I have been using a cane while trying to get my A1C down so I can have hip replacement surgery on both my hips. This has been my worst Summer since I began my urban farm. No garden. No bunnies. Just a lot of frustration. 

I have been acquiring quite a bit of yarn and planning projects. Some planned things are for Christmas presents but most items are to sell. Either here on the blog, on Angela's and my Sisters page on Facebook, or on my Etsy page. I need to update the Etsy page and make it a viable tool instead of letting it languish for so many years. 

On a happier note I do have a bit of Lavender to dry along with a little of my favorite Pineapple Sage, Spearmint, Costmary, Apple mint, Lemon Balm and Peppermint. I want to have my own herbal teas, sachets and nest box mix for this Winter.

                                                          Trying to remember to choose Joy! 
                                                                          ~ Penny ~


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