Sunday, July 5, 2009

Okay so I admit it ...

.... I'm a slacker.
I could give reasons, or make excuses, but the bottom line is I've been a slacker for not posting before now.

I want to thank Sandra Bennett from Thistle Cove Farm for giving me the One Lovely Blog Award! Please visit her blog ( the link is under My Favorite Blogs) she is a very gracious person and a kindred soul. As soon as I figure out how to show the award Sandra I will add it to my blog. =)

Since my last post I have been to a quilt retreat in May with my sisters and friends. This is an online group so friends come from across the US, plus our friend Michelle flies in from Victoria, B.C. to visit and sew. Not being able to do too much because of my crazy hand/wrist I did a little embroidery, shopped a bit, rested a bunch and visited with the girls.

On the bunny front my hutch is coming along nicely. Daddy has been working on it sporadically in between making hay and his other projects. When I saw it on Father's Day weekend I told him it was definitely a bunny townhouse!

Regarding my crazy hand/wrist I will be having surgery on July 15th. Will not know the time until the Monday before the surgery. They tell me it is a small surgery and in fact I could drive myself there and back. If anyone feels led to pray for me and Angela (who will probably drive me to Indianapolis) we would certainly covet those prayers.

I want to get this hand thing over with so I can get on with all my projects that having been waiting months to be completed. I'm told there is only a two week healing time so Yay let's get it over with so I can play with my yarn, dyes, wool, beading, etc...

Something I'm working on now is getting my house in order. I'm moving rooms around again trying to make the best use of my small space. The Black Sheep Cottage is pretty tiny! Only one closet and the furnace takes half of it! So I need to be creative with furniture placement for optimum room and storage.

My friend Linda and I worked a deal and I have gained a primitive cabinet (Angela has her name on the bottom of it!), a base to an old Hoosier cabinet (niece Heather has her name on the bottom of it!), a neat rattan rocker for my porch, an old Jenny Lind half bed that will take the place of my rickety yard sale find from twenty years ago.

Once everything is in place then I want to get my looms warped, my spinning wheel spinning and get some creativity flowing. It's been a long dry spell!

~ Penny~

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Mary Humphrey said...

I am an Indiana girl too.

And you have to post photos of your Hoosier cabinet! I have always wanted one, and can you believe I let someone over-bid me last fall? They took the cabinet home for $75.00!

When I cannot do my craft (mainly soap making) I am not the happiest either. I understand how that can be.

Say hello to Indianapolis for me. I have not been there in a few years. I do not miss the city life, but I do miss Indiana (frequently). And prayers for you, by the way!