Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winding yarn


Katidids said...

Good to see you on line!
Wow that looks just like what I was doing & need to do more of...skeining yarn! I've found if you place the cone on the floor it feeds much more evenly! So what are you making?!?!?!?

Connie W said...

I think I saw these photos on Angie's blog too. Looks like a bit of work but fun too. I've been having my yarn purchases (have only had a few) wound at the quilt shop. I admit, I love the look of the hanks before they become wound into balls, they just aren't as pretty once they're wound. Have a lovely weekend. :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Glad your hands are feeling up to skeining yarn; this is a job I need to do as well.

Penny said...

Can you tell my allergies are whacked out when you see my eyes in those photos?

Thanks for the tip Katie! I'll try placing the cones on the floor next time I'm winding yarn. My cotton yarn is mostly for face cloths, knitted & woven. Angela is using her variegated cotton for a baby blanket she is crocheting

Hey Connie. I love the look of yarn hanks to but when it comes time to use the yarn I really love those center pull balls. =)

Hi Sandra, My hands are doing better and will improve even more after the weather settles down. This up and down temp plus the rain is killer with my arthritis. But I love to play with yarn.