Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chickie Bums or We Are Growing Up

The chicks are growing like crazy. The Red Stars are getting into the gawky stage .. not quite chick, not quite chicken. The Buff Orpingtons are a little younger than the Red Stars so they are still looking more like chicks. I've included a picture of my niece Heather holding Marguerite, one of the Buff Orpingtons. See how she is feathering out and getting lil tail feathers on her booty? She is named for Golden Marguerite also called Dyer's Chamomile. I've decided to go with herb names for the chickens. The other BO chick is Tansy and the Red Stars I am keeping are Rosemary and Cicely or Sweet Cicely.

The chicks are so much fun. At first whenever I introduced some new food item to their brooder box they acted as though I was trying to poison them! They have pretty much gotten over that and will jump into the the loose hay I give them like little children jumping into a pile of leaves. They are now showing an adult behavior by doing the little scratchy thing with their feet to get the seeds that fall from the hay. Very cute. =)

I will be going to a Retreat in a few weeks and plan to pop them in their coop if everything goes right with the weather and their progress. If they have the heat lamp and I block the wind on the front of the coop door I think they will be okay.

Wishing you all a blessed week.


Domestic Goddess said...

I love chicks but they do go through that ugly stage! We only named a few of our chickens, mostly because we eat most of what we have and you don't eat your pets and if it has a name it's a pet! My naked neck chickens have names. Poopy(she pooped on Son3), Corner girl(flew out of the chicken yard everyday to lay her egg in the corner), Honey and Hag. Hag is the witchy one who trys to rip your hand off when collecting the eggs! Sigh... All the others just look the same like the green aliens in the toy story movie!

3anklebiters said...

my chicks just hit 4 weeks are mostly feathered out. one turned into a mystery chicken. it isn't what we purchased and we're not sure yet until s/he (yep, that's a mystery too) reaches full feathering and coloration what s/he is. i have one araucauna that is white and gold, she's named Glinda. the barred rock is Maime, the RIRed is Sue. the rest aren't named yet, but i'm sure the kids will get around to it.

Angela said...

Love the bum. And look at all the new stuff on your blog!!! What a big girl. :o))

Christine said...

Don't you love it? Mine are starting to take little dust baths. So cute. I love the herb names.

Laura-IH said...

You mean you're not bringing them to the retreat? But I wanted to play with them! : (