Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Orchard Plans for The Black Sheep Cottage

Fruit trees have always been an interest of mine. Where I lived before was not my property so I didn't want to invest in a small orchard when circumstances could change requiring me to move and leave everything I planted behind so I waited.

Well the waiting is over. Last week I purchased a semi-dwarf Nectarine tree at Lowes. Second on the list is a Red Haven Peach tree, another semi-dwarf. Next Spring I would like to add a Plum, a Brown Turkey Fig and a Seckle Pear. After those I'll probably call it done unless I find a very good deal on a pair of dwarf Apple trees that I could practice espalier.

Someone with a "real" orchard might snicker at the tiny homestead orchard I plan but I think for me it will be just right.


jane said...

I would love a fig tree. In my area they require so much care, but I would love to try. I hope to follow your orchard journey.

Linda said...

They all sound wonderful. We only have a small back garden, and we've been giving it a makeover this year. We now have a place to plant maybe two or three fruit trees, but that will be all.
I adore fresh figs, that picture looks yummy!

Laura-IH said...

I want to come to your orchard and sit under a tree with you, embroidering and talking. : )