Monday, October 11, 2010

The Drought Continues.

We haven't had any significant rain since the first week of July. It was a few days after that rain when I planted the new front garden ... not the good timing I thought it was.

A week ago I planted my nectarine tree and truly longed for a pickax of my very own. The dab of rain the day before showed in the one half inch of slightly damp top soil. I have never dug into soil so dry. It was crazy! The hole should have been a little deeper but I wasn't woman enough to make it happen.

After the tree was placed into the hole I poured in a gallon and a half of water. While the root ball soaked up the moisture I carried over some of the good stuff from under Sunny Bunny's hutch. I mixed the "stuff" with a bit of the soil and back-filled the hole then watered again. To mulch around the tree (and to also keep the feral cats away from the loosened soil) I used the top and bottom from a pizza box. A slit went from the edge of the cardboard, then a circle was cut from each box and then they were placed around the base of the tree. It has worked well.

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