Sunday, November 21, 2010

Catching Up

Yikes! It has been a week since I arrived home from Retreat and I'm still playing catch up at home and at work.

Retreat was wonderful. Hanging out with my sisters. Visiting with old friends and meeting new friends. Went for a walk around the grounds with Ally (5 yo granddaughter of Conni from Missouri). We graded the leaves for crunchiness as Ally jumped on them .. the crispy one won. =) Ally was such a good girl. She entertained herself and us too!

I made a few pairs of earrings and a fob to hold the latch on my laptop case closed. I also finished two hats and a scarf, all commissioned pieces. I planned to work on two child sized sweaters but there was too much distraction for a first time pattern.

Christine, Phyllis and I went to Sheep Street on Saturday. I bought oil for Jezebel and a cone of slubby linen/rayon to use on a weaving project this winter. It was so nice to visit the shop with like minded folks. Angela is getting better but unless DebJo dozes off in the car she still whines a bit if I go over my one hour limit. (smile)

Better close now and go do laundry ... part of that catching up business don't you know.


Deborah said...

Are you able to get a reasonable return for your time investment with the commissioned work?

Penny said...

Deborah, I think I will make some money on the sweaters and a little on the hats too. The hats take about a hour to crochet. The sweaters are sizes 2 and 4, the yarn was on sale I'm using a new to me pattern. I'm charging $35 for each sweater. I think I'll make more $ on the second sweater than the first one because I will understand the pattern better.