Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Snowing!

Yay it's snowing. I haven't had snow on my birthday in a very long time. It's only a inch, maybe two inches, but it is white and pretty so it makes me happy. =)

I didn't take this photo but there are squirrels in my backyard, and they do look like this one, so it works. [smile]

My chickens had been investigating the snow when I went to feed. It is their first snow and I don't believe they were impressed .. at least not favorably impressed. Cicely and Tansy kept telling me all about it. I love to hear them chatter at me.

My family is getting together this afternoon for a Birthday spaghetti dinner. Later we will go to the Christmas parade. Our town has a night time parade which is pretty neat. Every entry must be lighted so even the horses wear Christmas lights. Everyone bundles up, takes their folding chairs and hot chocolate and enjoys themselves. It's crazy but always a lot of fun.
Stay warm!
~ Penny ~