Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Hard Working Man

Our Daddy will be 78 on September 16th and is one of the most hardworking individuals I know. He's a dab hand at most anything he turns his hand to and is willing to try building most anything we can come up with ... if we give him a drawing to go by.

My sisters and I are blessed to have a Daddy who helps us when ever he can and as much as he is able.I thank him every time he leaves my farm for his help.

P. S.
It was raining this morning so I was unable to get updated photos of the work on the new hen house. My nephew-in-law Ivan will be putting the roof on it soon. Daddy and I have the siding on and one window cut out. Next we will be making a screen door and exterior door. We are using hardware cloth instead of screening for the windows and screen door for strength and durability.

The weather forecast is bad for the Plains states today and tomorrow. We, the Midwest, are suppose to get it early next week. So batten down the hatches and stay safe where ever you live!


Milah said...

Yes, Penny you are very blessed to have a daddy like that! I'm sure he loves all his girls very much!

Don't forget we expect pictures when this rain clears.

Tombstone Livestock said...

hope you don't have any severe weather to deal with. Take care, stay safe.

Conni said...

Sounds like you are making quite the progress on the house for the girls! Can't wait for those photos.