Thursday, February 7, 2013

Call me Fickle.

Love those fuzzy faces!

Could you say no to one of these sweet faces?
I have been waffling back and forth over goat breeds that would work best for my small homestead. I love the funky look of the La Manchas. They also have many attributes that would work nicely for this new goat herder and maybe one day I will be able to add one to my herd but just not right now.

With all that considered I think I am going to go with the Nigerian Dwarf goats. They are of small stature, have higher butterfat, seem to be more readily available in my area and are just darn cute. I love the goats with blue eyes and moonspots. I want a colorful mini-herd of two or three. Being a dwarf breed I can easily handle them plus the enclosure I'm planning will be plenty roomy.

I stopped at the Tractor Supply on my lunch hour to ask the manager if he had any word when "Chick Days" would commence. I learned they will be getting chicks at the end of the month. My expectations are running high to find different breeds to add to my dwindling flock. I know I definitely want more Red Stars for their jumbo brown eggs my family loves. Rhode Island Reds are on the list too. I hope I will be able to find Black Stars and a few Cochins too for a colorful flock.

My flock of hens now stands at two. Yarrow and Sage are the only residents of the new hen house Daddy and I worked so hard to build. My newish girl Parsley began crowing early last week. Parsley had been living on my little farm for months so it with total shock I heard crowing coming from the hen house. I called the friend I bought the newest girls from and she couldn't believe it either. So now the rooster, formerly known as Parsley, has been returned from whence he came. No roosters are allowed in town.

Better head home. The temperature is in the low 60s and I have a few outdoor chores to take care of before we get rain. :)


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh that is SO funny...Parsley crows! Sort of like my Lily who turned out to be a Levi...who knew? Other than Levi and God and both of them, turns out, could keep a secret.
For a while -grin-.
Those goats are so cute; I do love goats.

Julie Hargreaves said...

Great photos

Penny said...

Thanks you Julie but actually they aren't mine. I thought I had given credit for where they originated but realized just now that wasn't true for the second photo. I will have to go back and remedy that over sight.

Thank you for visiting my blog!