Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I Love Giveaways!

Deborah at The Thrifty Homesteader recently had a drawing for this book and I won. I am saving it to read  on my four day weekend.

My seed order has arrived from Pinetree Garden Seeds on Saturday. If the rain holds off I will get greens planted at the end of the week. There are three lettuces, plus Macholong (Cornsalad) Mache, Pak Choi and Misticanza Mesclun. I also have Golden Beets and Bull's Blood Beets to sow. The Bull's Blood Beets are for dyeing and eating.

A few years ago I bought some simple arch trellises at Michaels. They have been sitting in the potting shed waiting to be used. For one of them their day has arrived! I think Morning Glories will look pretty climbing over the trellis in my small front garden. I think I will have enough seed to plant some on the Cochin girlies chicken park.

It is rare to  have Hummingbirds in my garden. I am hoping that the Morning Glories, and the Tiger Lilies, I am transplanting to the front of Cochin's chicken park, will be a good attraction. I am waiting to plant all my flower seeds seeds until I am more confident in the warming temperatures.

Hoping it is warm where you are and the blooms are bursting with color!