Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Nurse Practitioner is the Best!

I had to go for my "physical" Wednesday, something I always dread but this time it wasn't too bad. When my NP asked me what was new I told her about the chicks and Sunny. So she proceeds to tell me she is the "Chicken Baroness".

All during the exam we talked about chickens! We shared about what breeds we were raising and little stories like the one about her rooster (who is probably not long for this world if he keeps up attacking Kay) It was great! Took both our minds off what was going on and made a necessary but unpleasant situation much better. She also told me I need a goat (or two) and she knows someone who has pygmy goats for sale. I told you .. she is the best!


Sandra said...

She sounds like a wonderful gift! Glad you all have so much in common.

3anklebiters said...

you don't need a pygmy, you need a "real" goat. LOL. i've got the cutest baby goats right now!