Sunday, January 2, 2011

My BPF Wool Swap Block

New Year's Eve Angela and I worked on our blocks for a round robin we are parti-cipating in with our May Retreat group.

We are divided into two groups of four players. Each player chooses a theme, makes a base block (basting the wool pieces in place in a crazy quilt fashion) and adds one element. Then we send it on to the next person who adds another element. At Retreat we get our block back and can finish them with fancy stitches, more elements or whatever we wish.

My theme is "Down on the Farm". I made the barn sit on a hill. The top background fabric is actually a nice blue that represents the sky. The green and brown fabrics represent the fields and pastures. The blue in the lower right corner is for a pond. The gray on the lower left corner would be neat to have a ginger cat sunning himself on a rock ... just a hint. [smile]

I've been thinking about goals for 2011, both personal and for the homestead. As time allows I will make a list on the side to keep me on track. Some things I've already posted about but there are a few new ones and I think listing them together will be helpful. Hopefully there will be checks as they are crossed off the list.

Better get a wiggle on I've been here for far to long catching up on email and favorite blogs. I let my home internet go and must rely on the Library. By working in my shared office space I have privacy and no one hears my coughing .. still trying to get over my December bronchitis.

Praying for a healthy, positive New Year for all of us!

~ Penny ~


Laura-IH said...

Cute! I like the idea of "Down on the Farm" for a theme. I can't wait to see the finished product! : )

Robin said...

I love the beginnings of your woolie, Penny! Can't wait to see what develops :)

Conni said...

That barn is soooo cute, Penny! I'm sure your chickens will love it!! LOL!!!

Vickie said...

Oh, Penny it is really cute and now I can start thinking on the barn bats and spiders to add.

Old Jail Artist said...

The block is great--I look forward to seeing how they all go together in a quilt.

melly~ said...

how cute is this??