Thursday, February 24, 2011

Planning for Market

Tomorrow I will be mailing off our application to the Orleans Farmers Market. We hope to get a permanent spot this year. Last summer we had to wait in a first-come-first-placed line each Saturday and hope for the best. It was okay but knowing ahead of time where we will be would be better.

Last Spring my lil greenhouse shelves didn't work out very well so I am looking into alternatives this week. I've found a very small walk-in greenhouse on Amazon with free shipping and am seriously considering buying it. I have some gift cards (birthday and Swagbucks) that will help with the cost. It looks like something I can put up/take down by myself and that is a big plus.

This evening I also updated my Local Harvest listing. The updates show if I use Explore but do not show when I search with Firefox .. go figure.

Better get a wiggle on and head home .. there are bunnies waiting to be fed and lil Sebastian is just as demanding as Sunny when it comes to meals. =)


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Lovely little greenhouse, like a small cottage for seeds and plants! I just bought a 'greenhouse in a box' at Tractor Supply; this is the year I start seeds by the droves and have a huge garden. Veg, herbs and fruit/nut trees are being planned. Heck, I'm even going to keep a journal, at least, that's the plan. -smile-

Heather said...

Good luck, I hope you get your spot at the farmers market.