Thursday, April 7, 2011

Busy Times

The countdown has begun for Angela and I to be ready, one week from tomorrow, for The Fiber Event. Angela has been crocheting, painting and sewing like mad. I have been dyeing like crazy (48 skeins so far) and have soap, several hats and a few bags to finish.

While off yesterday I cleaned out the chicken run. That's one item crossed off my list of chores for Spring. Next is taking care of the bunny hutch and mulching some plants with what comes out from under the hutch. One good about bunny poo is it can go directly around the plants without being composted.

I began my orchard last fall by planting a semi dwarf Nectarine. I've watched that tree all Spring for signs of life. I was finally rewarded with tight pink buds and pale green leaves that look like hand folded in prayer. With the warmer temps the buds have burst open. The blooms aren't very big and are a very delicate shade of pink. The fragrance reminds me of pear blossoms.

After things settle down I'll be shopping for blueberry bushes and more fruit trees. I'm so excited to finally be growing fruit on my tiny urban homestead.

Disclaimer : While the photo is not my tree they look exactly alike. =)


contemporaryinsanity said...

oh YAY! So good to hear about all your fibery goings-on. A big pile of mulch sitting in my driveway too, and I am excited for your nectarine! Good luck next week and I am looking forward to pictures. Give your bunnies a snuggle from me! - Shawn

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hope the Fiber Event turns out successful! It's wonderful to have fruit trees and berry bushes! Have a great weekend. blessings, Kathleen

Sunny said...

Sounds like you have been very busy. A good thing for spring!

Domestic Goddess said...

We planted apple trees four years ago and haven't had a blossom yet! Maybe that's what I'll do with my rabbit poo. I'll fertilize those trees and if they don't do anything this year, I'm pulling them out. I have two blueberry bushes and thought about getting more. I would like more fruit trees but have been afraid to plant more because of the apple trees.
I bet you are excited about your Fiber event! I'd love to see pics of your projects.