Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Sky is Falling

I awoke to a cool, windy morning following a second night of wicked storms. Looking out my laundry room window I saw a huge green shrub in the center of the backyard where no shrub was planted. Apparently when my lil urban homestead was hit by strong flat-line winds last night it took out part of a Box Elder and sent it across the chicken's run. The girls were not amused. It had narrowly missed their little hutch and brought down most of the hoops and netting that cover the run. Poor girls I bet they thought Chicken Little had it right and the sky was falling!

I made a quick call to work to say I would be late followed by a call to my Daddy/Farmhand/Handyman. After about an hour's work (Daddy sawed and I picked up) we had the tree out of the chicken's space and most of the debris lining the alley awaiting pickup. We still need to redo the hoops that hold up the deer netting cover. This will be the third time we have made these crazy hoops in less than a year.

The girls kept telling me all about their adventure and I kept trying to talk them down as they followed me from one end of the run to the other end. My poor chickens were pretty traumatized by the chainsaw too. Does anyone know a good chicken therapist??


Angela said...

Gosh I hate this for you (and Daddy) (and the girls). Dramadrama makes for a poor pocketbook. :o( I love the graphic you used. Very appropriate. hehe Unless you could have found a Henny Penny one???

Milah said...

Chicken therapy, ha! Now I've heard it all!

Conni said...

Glad no chickens were harmed in the winds! Aren't Dad's wonderful!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I'm with the girls, that would have frightened the socks of me. Although, I did manage to sleep through the storm that took out part of our ancient sugar maple tree, just outside the bedroom! I'm telling you Angela, when I get to bed at night, there's nothing left to do but pass out and sleep!