Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Garden Plans

I've been giving serious thought to offering a CSA next year. If I can get some of the basics finished this summer (raised beds, berry bushes, herbs, more fruit trees, etc.) then next summer would offer more time for actual gardening.

I thought to offer a dozen eggs, a fresh bouquet of flowers, and herbs along with fresh fruits and veggies. If I can get the grunt work completed this year, use drip irrigation, row covers and copious amounts of mulch I think this project could be very doable.

My niece Heather, the Asst. Chicken Farmer/Asst. Bunny Wrangler, is suppose to pickup up a greenhouse-in-a-box for me at the Tractor Supply. I checked on Tuesday and they had one left and Lola offered to put it back for me. I love TS and the folks who work for them! My friend Sandra, at Thistle Cove Farm, purchased one of these greenhouses and I really liked the looks of it. Saving $20 off and not having to pay shipping sealed the deal for me. =)

I'm spending most of this week with my sisters at the Back Porch Friends quilt retreat. Miss Heather is tending the farm and my Daddy is checking in every now and then too.

Most of my retreat time is being spent with my left ankle propped up wearing an ice pack. I took a fall last Monday and did a number on my ankle. It isn't broken but my Nurse Practitioner thinks I have some ligament damage. This is the same ankle I had a ruptured Achilles with a few years ago. My appointment with my podiatrist isn't until the 31st. =(


phyllis said...

Hope you are having a FUN time with lots of laughs at the quilt retreat.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I'm enjoying my greenhouse even though seed starting is extremely SLOW. We've had more rain than sun but those seeds, bless 'em, are growing anyway!
Good idea about the CSA.

Casie said...

I've had the same thoughts of starting a small CSA here. We are just working on putting in the large garden this year after having the small square foot garden for the last 2 years. We have the chickens for eggs and also raise a couple batches of broilers each year.

Good luck!

Richa said...
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