Sunday, May 22, 2011

Moving Right Along

Yesterday was the first day of Market and we had a great day. There were approx. 60 vendors set up and more will come as the produce comes in. We have had so much rain that the majority of the growers are behind on their planting.

Angela and I both made more money this opening day compared to last year's first Market day. I nearly broke even on what I spent compared to what I made .. this isn't always the case!

My purchases included two Jersey highbush blueberry bushes from the Brambleberry Farm, a cinnamon roll and pumpkin roll from Mary, one of the Amish vendors. I sold a skein of sock yarn to one of my Library customers. Mrs. W. has plans to knit every member of her family a pair of socks for Christmas this year ... I asked if I could be adopted until the end of 2011. =)

Mary asked if I could dye black worsted yarn for the ladies in the Amish community to make baby booties. Apparently black wool yarn is difficult for them to come by. Another lady requested pink in a soft wool yarn that she could use in baby sweaters. I love the idea of my yarns being used to keep babies warm!

My CSA idea has been getting positive feedback. The best I can determine no one in my county is offering a CSA so it seems that I would be filling a need in my community. I can still share produce and eggs with my family and donate to L.I.F.E., our local foodbank, too.

Continuing with the CSA plans, besides the Blueberry bushes, I added the following herbs : Rosemary, Sage and Peppermint. Blueberries will go in a raised bed across the south end of the hen's run. Herbs will go into the front garden. The Rosemary will be in a pot so it can winter over in the house.

Next week I expect to get my Vern's Brown Turkey Fig trees. At Brambleberry Farm these trees only get to be about ten feet tall, then almost die down over the winter. This will be perfect for my small city lot. I will plant them on the east side of my house. This is the most protected spot on my property and has worked very well for my Nectarine tree.

My ankle may be boogered but I'm still following though with my farm plans!


phyllis said...

Sounds like a good market day!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

What a perfectly grand market day! Like you, I love the idea of your yarn keeping babies warm and that's the best way...having customers come to you for their orders...way to go!
I've not yet...she says hopefully... mastered socks.