Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happenings ... good and bad

Much has happened these last few weeks.

I am out of the boot ... Yay!
I'm now wearing a close fitting stretchy sock that will be my friend for the next few months. After wearing that hot, and heavy, boot for the summer I'm so grateful to be able to wear the stretchy sock that I will wear it happily until the end of the year if need be!

After my third MRI of the summer I learned I not only have bulging discs in my lower lumbar but I also have them in my neck. The pinched nerves in my neck from those boogered discs, and bone spurs, have been causing tingling with numbing/pain down my left arm. It's crazy! Crocheting and knitting were nearly impossible until my Nurse Practitioner gave me a cortisone shot and a few days of prednisone pills. For now things are better but I know pain injections are in my future. My NP has already made the referral for the shots. My Mom has the same thing but I seem to be coming into it a little earlier than she did.

Because of the foot/neck/back thing going on Nicholas, my 15 yo neighbor, dug holes for me so the Figs and Pink Reliance Seedless grape vines are finally in the ground. Hip Hip Hooray! There are still three Blueberry bushes, two Blackberry bushes and several herbs waiting to be planted. They will find their homes asap.

Chicken News:
Frack is now living with the other hens. She had taken to following me around the back yard like a feathery dog. It was actually pretty neat. She followed so closely that if I made a sudden stop she ran into me. If I sat in the chair, by the bunnies, she would come over to me and sit a spell and "talk" to me. I love that murmuring cluck talk hens do among themselves. One evening I heard her distress call and hurried over to find her being stalked by a large feral cat. I called her to me, chased off the cat, then clipped Frack's wings.

Clipping wings does not hurt the chicken but watching her being picked on, and pecked at, was too traumatic. I truly thought they would peck her to death. =( Even Frick, who has always been with Frack took a turn at tormenting the poor girl! It has now been over a week and the bullying is somewhat better. Frack doesn't cower in a corner now but is very light on her feet and keeps moving away from the bullies.

Family News :
Please keep my Daddy and Angela in your prayers. Daddy has to have another procedure done this week regarding the bladder cancer. Angela is now off chemo treatments but has had a blood transfusion this week and will be getting another next week. My family are fighters but help from above is always welcomed!

Remember this, "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well", from Julian of Norwich.

~ Penny ~


Angela said...

Brighter days are coming for all of us. We just gotta keep believing!! So happy you got that dratted boot off!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Hi Penny just stumbled upon your blog. I am praying for you and your loved ones. Our son had brain cancer and had his last chemo end of May so I feel like I have experience praying for those with cancer. I am following along feel free to pop by and meet us.

3anklebiters said...

at least the good happenings are winning out! i'm glad frack is back with the flock and they are finally beginning to accept her. remember bullies don't always pick on the weak, they often pick on those strong enough and brave enough to walk the different path because they are scared to themselves. as always, you have my prayers.

Jessica Nunemaker said...

That's not easy. Hang in there!

On a side note--love the photo of the grapes! Lovely!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

So glad about the boot; you'll move around much easier, hopefully. I hate it when chickens pick on each other...reminds me of the school yard and children who need to be spanked.
Yeah, I believe in spanking. It didn't kill me and I pay taxes.