Saturday, January 24, 2009

Don't you hate it .....

..... when you come home from paying bills, one of which is the waaay high gas bill, to find the furnace has given up the ghost. I felt it was too late to call Daddy, who is my handyman, so I dressed warmly and went to bed. Usually Lucy sleeps up by my pillow and Lovey down by my feet. But last night both kitties camped at the foot of the bed to be closer to the little space heater I've been using at night.

Friday Daddy came by the library to tell me he didn't think he would be able to repair the furnace this time. Sad faces all around! Last night, after giving it some consideration, he said he would try one more thing. So I didn't have heat for a second night but it was all good.

This morning he removed the blower and we see the housing is cracked, the fly wheel is a little stiff and rusty, which probably explains that noise I heard Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Go figure ... Well this story ends with him using WD-40 and duct tape to rig it so it will hopefully get me through the weekend. Yay the "Furnace Parts Store" will be open on Monday!

Oh ... later he called to say if I smell a bad smell coming from the furnace closet or begin to yawn a great deal I should probably go to Angela's!!! I felt the love!!

~ Penny~


Angela said...

You know I am sooooo sad for you. Did you get that carbon thingy installed???????? And you know if it beeps just a LITTLE to get the kitties and run!!!

Conni said...

Oh, I hope you are warm and toasty now! Having furnace troubles in the middle of winter if no picnic! And those little kitties at your feet is like an expensive pair of furry slippers!!

Laura-IH said...

Oh, no and brrrrrrrrrr! Even with kitty heaters, that sounds cold! I hope you get it all fixed up soon!