Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Dances are a Powerful Thing!

Monday evening I asked a few of the library staff to do their "Snow Dance" when they got home. I did suggest they do the dance in the backyard. I didn't want the neighbors to see them and be concerned ... if you know what I mean! ;)

Tuesday morning my supervisor called to say we had a Snow Day. I said Yay and good job on the "Dance".

Wednesday morning, after a night of freezing rain on top of several inches snow followed by more snow, I got another call from my supervisor. Yay another Snow Day! I did suggest that next time she might want to take the Dance down a notch or two! LOL

It's only January 28th and our kids have already used up all the allotted Snow Days. They are going to be sooo sad when they are still going to school come July 4th!!

This afternoon we did have a few moments of sunshine. The wind had blown away some of the snow off the tree branches outside my window to expose the inch thick ice covering the branches. It was beautiful! Well worth me trying to not pop an ankle, or my knee, while dealing with cleaning off my car and the driveway. Beauty from ashes ... so to speak.

~ Penny ~

P.S. Thanks for all the comments concerning my last post. My furnace is still running and a part has been ordered. Don't ask how much the part cost I'm still in shock! @@


Angela said...

Thank God you didnt fall down silly girl. And yep, you library folk got the dances down good!

Old Jail Artist said...

The price of the furnace is one thing, it's the price of the @$#%! gas that I can't believe! Nice work on the snow dances, but who did the ICE dance?

Tazewell County, VA said...

Hi Penny - thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm so I could find out about your beautiful blog! Please pass my appreciation to your 'blog helper'...great job.
Sandra in VA

Laura-IH said...

Wow! Your snow dance worked! You inspired me to compose a "Come Out Sunshine Dance!" ; )