Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yay for the Weekend!

It wasn't a bad week but it was a looong one. I think the crazy below zero temps we have had this week has worn everyone down.
I took an hour of vacation time Friday afternoon so I could run Angela to Bloomington. While we were there we ran over to Michaels. Angela had coupons that were burning a hole in her pocket so for the sake of her clothing we shopped! lol
She found a crochet hook with the larger handle she wanted (50% off w/coupon). I found size 15 circular knitting needles (Again 50% off, thank you A. for sharing your coupons). I needed the needles to work on a prayer shawl I've started for a friend who recently had cancer surgery.
The sterling silver jewelry findings were on sale and also the Austrian crystals so I stocked up on earring makings. I'll work on earrings tomorrow and get them up to Angela so she can add them to my empty Etsy shop. I think I'll also take some of my hand dyed yarns too.
My goal this weekend, besides making earrings is to get the handout written for the Soy Candle class. Everyone who takes the class will get a information sheet, 1 jam jar candle, two votive candles, three scented soy tarts plus a tart pan.
Time is getting away from me, so I had better get busy. My family is meeting at 5:00 to celebrate Angela's birthday. Her birthday was actually January 13th, but we had to wait until everyone was free to get together.
Stay warm!
~ Penny


Connie W said...

Please give Angela a birthday hug from me, whenever you see her :)

peggy said...

Well hello there Miss Penny!
I sure wish I lived closer, I'd come to one of your classes....

Glad to see you are blogging. I will be back a visitin soon.

Peggy <----miss you...see you soon

Sherry said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a hoosier too, from Washington, I now live in florida, but all are family still in Indiana.

delighted heart said...

Hi Penny! Thanks for stopping by! I would love to send you a cd! We may have it up on our church website by tomorrow which may be the fastest way to get it cause you will be able to hear it on your computer or download to ipod. Send me your address email is What ever you are going through I'm praying for God's grace and peace to be with you. For He is able to do exceedingly more than we can ask or think! Our church address is
Hand dyed cool! I bet it is beautiful! I've been wanting to learn how to knit a scarf!
Blessings to you!

Laura-IH said...

How nice of Angela to share her coupons! One of my sisters is a coupon fiend. I went grocery shopping with her the other day and saved a bundle! LOL!

I hope your classes go well. I agree with Peggy, if I lived closer, I would come to one!

delighted heart said...

Hi Penny...We got the Chik Nite message up on the church website the the other day. Just wanted to check and see if you found it. It's under Media...God Chik. Hope you are having a super week!

disa said...

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