Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year ... New Decade

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends celebrating the reason for the season.

I had a quiet New Year's Eve. Ate supper with Angela, then knitted while she crocheted as we watched her new Celtic Woman dvd. It was filmed at Slane Castle in Ireland and showcased some amazing talent.

Like many others I've been giving thought to goals for 2010 and the next decade. Some are long term and very personal like spiritual growth, a place I've been stagnating, and health & well-being a place I need to give some real attention.

Blessing my home is at the top of the list for 2010. Various health issues have caused me to let my house go and this has to stop. A thorough cleaning and touching up will be a freeing experience. It is hard to be creative in chaos!

In the spring bunnies and chickens will be added to my tiny urban homestead. Square foot gardening will be tried with dedicated beds to veggies, herbs and dye plants. With the poo from the new critters I should have some excellent compost this summer.

I want to create a pantry area so midsummer I'll be looking for a small upright freezer and some kind of shelving setup. If the garden is successful the produce will need to be stored.

Last year I injured my hand in March, followed by surgery in July, and was thoroughly thrown for a loop and my plans came to naught. This year I really want to work on my lil homestead and my cottage business too. I feel as though I need to make up for lost time. I hate it when my body is my own worst enemy!

When I figure out how to do it I want to add a check off list as a side bar to help me keep track of my goals. For now I will write them down and place them some where I will see them frequently as reminders of where I am heading.

The library will be closing shortly so ...

New Year Blessing to everyone!

~ Penny ~


Old Jail Artist said...

Best of luck, Penny, with your New Year's plans (I like that word better than "resolutions"). I enjoy reading your blog posts and look forward to many more.

Connie W said...

Happy New Year, Penny. I hope it's the best!

Angela said...

I have allllllllll the confidence in the world you can do whatever you set your mind at. We are Prince women. Let me know when you need a cheerleader! Or a well placed size 10 to help you along :o)) Smooches to my sweet sissy.

Conni said...

Many blessings to you in the new year!! Focusing on the spiritual side will definitely put the other areas of your life into order!