Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thinking about Spring

I've been making my Spring lists and checking them twice.

*Email an inquiry to my Angora list about available bunnies in April. Check!

*Pull out the seed catalogs to see what I want in my raised beds this year. Check!

*Take home my "Square Foot Gardening" book to study. Check!

*Organize my dye materials so when we finally have a nice, warm, sunny day I can jump into dyeing.

*Bless my house so I will not feel guilty about planning for Spring. Working on it!

Hope everyone has a blessed week!



3anklebiters said...

spring is such a wonderful thing to think about. new beginnings and sunshine. Smiles.

Jackie said...

I'm thinking about spring too. I'm a former farm girl who now lives in town and I'm slowly turning my backyard into gardens. I'm looking forward to reading about your gardening adventures. I want to try square foot gardening this year too.

Have a great day.