Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still plugging away!

I'm still working on my Spring Lists and checking off ideas as they come along.

* Ask someone at the Tractor Supply about chicks. Check!
They really don't know too much at this point other than chicks will be arriving in a month or so. It's a new store so I'm cutting them some slack.

* Call local feed stores and the other farm store about possibilities of chicks. Will do this week.

* Find nearby source of organic chick/chicken feeds. Will ask when I call about chicks.

* Ask Daddy about the ETA of my bunny hutch. Will do this afternoon. Have a real possibility of getting a bunny soon! A two year old black tort English Angora buck!

I found a copy of Urban Farm !! It was suppose to be out by January 12th but after searching for weeks it finally showed up at the Tractor Supply. I love that store. Angela is always teasing me because it is my new favorite store.

I bought seeds and soil mix today. I have spinach and a lettuce mix for greens and I thought I would start some snow pea seeds too. I need to ask Daddy to look at my light situation on my grow stand. I could not get the lights to work last spring. I replaced the fixtures and bought new bulbs all to no avail. We WILL have seedlings this spring!!

I would appreciate it, if you feel led, to include my sister Angela in your prayers this week. She is suppose to have surgery on Friday morning at 11:40 to have one, possibly two, lymph nodes removed from her neck. As always we covet those prayers from all the prayer warriors.

Better get moving if I want to play in the dirt, read my new magazine and do some laundry too this afternoon.

Hope everyone has a great week!
~ Penny ~

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Jackie said...

Looking forward to reading about your adventure with the chicks. Allowing chickens in town is a hot topic here and is on our City Councils agenda a lot lately. I'm not quite sure I'm ready for that yet (grin). Prayers for your sister next week.