Saturday, May 5, 2012

Henhouse Update

 The Girls and I got our window box! For now it is only tacked on because it must be primed and painted but I think it definitely adds a "cute" factor to the building. The actual window will be added after it is also primed and painted. Barring rain I should be able to stain the floor tomorrow.

The bucket in the doorway holds Raspberry bushes waiting to be planted. For reasons unknown the Blueberry bushes are not doing very well. They will be removed from their raised bed and potted to give them a second chance to make something of themselves. They have a month to improve or they are history!

A frost hit the Grapes. One of them is coming back quickly but the other one not so much. I'm biding my time deciding their future.

Figs are doing well and the Peach tree has several lil peaches.

With the exception of the Blueberries and the one Grape vine I'm pleased with all last year's new additions.

New seedling are still popping up in the greenhouse. I'm truly loving this bit of plastic over metal tubing. Every day brings something new when I go into it's warm, humid interior. Several seedlings have their first true leaves and are ready to be transplanted into individual pots. I'm recycling yogurt cups and water bottles with the tops cut off for most of the seedlings.


Sunny said...

That is sure a cute hen-house Penny! I know you will enjoy that. What are you planting in the windowbox?

Angela said...

Here chicky chicky...come to Aunt Debbie. She wants to use her lip gloss on you! hahahahah That was so funny!