Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our First Market of 2012

Trying on a new hat!

Jack Brock's wooden bowls.
A few of the Market Jammers.

Although it was warm and muggy we had a great first Saturday at the Market. We reconnected with some folks we hadn't seen since this past fall and met new folks which is always great. Angela made some $$ which is excellent! Our life is a fund raiser. lol

Having a three day weekend means I should be able to put the sealer on the outside of the new hen house and stain the floor too. Next will be getting the doors made, the window in place and extending the fence. Daddy is in hay-mode right now so I may have to wait a bit longer before the girls can move into their new home. Making hay while the sun shines isn't a cliche but a truism if you are a farmer!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Market day looks like a complete success; well done!

Old Jail Artist said...

Penny, the Lawrence County Art Association is having a "Heritage Arts" exhibit in September. Let me know if you would like to exhibit something, and spread the word among other artists working in fiber arts, woodworking, glass, metal, papier mache, etc.