Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thinking About Next Spring

I've been thinking about adding 8 or 10 turkeys to the farm next Spring. 

Considering either Beltsville Small Whites (photo to the left) or Midget Whites (photo to the right). Both are on the American Livestock Breed Conservancy list. Having a few birds for my family's table and a few to sell wouldn't take up much available space. I'm still mulling it over and figuring out the logistics. If I use some type of temporary fencing and housing a pen could be set up then removed when not needed any more. 

One of my co-workers has already told me she wants to buy a bird for her family's Thanksgiving. She had a dreadful time trying to find a fresh bird last year and finally had to settle for a frozen one.

A market friend uses a USDA approved slaughter house so I'll be asking Tye for more information on it. I'm thinking about having three turkeys to sell, three turkeys for family then whatever is left to be ground up in one pound packages. Maybe saving the drumsticks and offering them for sell.

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