Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chicken Update

The girls were finally moved into their pen last week. They weren't certain of what to make of all the space available to them. The pen is 10' x 22' so it seems huge to four pullets.

The first picture is of my neighbor Nicholas holding Cicely (Red Star). The middle one is Rosemary (Red Star) and Marguerite (Buff Orpington). All four of them enjoy scratching out the grit onto the grass. The last photo is Cicely and Tansy (Buff Orpington). We hope to get some better shots soon. The girls were distracted by the company and didn't want to pose. =)

I appreciate all the time and effort my Daddy spent helping me to make a nice home for the girls.


Christine said...

The girls look happy. :)

Penny said...

They have been thrilled with the pen! =)

Conni said...

They are beauties, Penny!