Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's still too hot!

It is still crazy hot and humid here in southern Indiana. We get these little pop up storms and instead of cooling things down they only raise the humidity even more. I apologize for being a whiny baby but dang I would like to enjoy some of the summer.

I raided the savings account and bought a laptop at WalMart this morning. It was a good deal on an Acer Aspire 5251. (Good thing I like Ramen noodles, oats, and other cheap foods!) Some of my Library customers use net books and like them very much. While I like the portability of the smaller size reading from the small screen and typing on that small keyboard would get old in a hurry.

We have several free Wi-Fi places in Bedford, including the Library, so I may wait a bit before I get service at home.

Angela's visit to the neurosurgeon didn't go as we had hoped. Because of the pleurisy, cracked rib and some capillary swelling in her brain it may be December before the surgery happens. =(

The photo is one Angela took a few weeks ago when Jaidy and her Meme (my sis DebJo) came to visit the chickies. We love how her lil rounded cheeks show the bit of baby girl still in her face.

Jaidy hadn't seen the girls since they were very small and was quite amazed at how large they were now. She knew she must not chase them but decided to try out her recently acquired "skipping" skills. Too funny! The girls did not think much of this so we only let her make a couple of laps in the pen.

Stay cool and have a blessed week!

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Angela said...

That was a fun time. She is so cute and growing up on us.