Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let the Dyeing Begin!

Yay my order arrived yesterday.

I bought a Indigo kit, several dyes (for cotton), a few inexpensive silk scarves (for practice), a good hand cleaner (because I rarely remember my gloves), soda ash and Synthrapol.

It should be a good start to fabric dyeing and Shibori. I plan to practice the fabric dyeing on muslin then move on to the better quality "Bella" by Moda. We will use more muslin and the silk scarves to practice the Shibori.

I bought a book on Shibori and it seems pretty straight forward. Basically anything goes when it comes to finding objects to use in the resistance dyeing. Marbles, popcorn, rubber bands, coins, PVC pipe, wooden blanks .... it's all good.

Angela is making diaper covers (longies and shorties) out of wool yarn and we are planning a "Dye Day" . She enjoys playing with the colors too so we should have a lot of fun. =)

This a little unique.

Saturday is Market at Orleans, Indiana followed by a wedding on the Orleans Square. The couple met at Market three years ago and decided that was where they wanted to be married. Everyone is to bring a clean mason jar and a hoe or rake. The farmers market will provide flowers to place in the mason jars for us to hold during the ceremony and then we'll all form an Arch of Hoes and Rakes for the happy, married couple to stroll under after being pronounced husband and wife. Angela and I decided to forgo the hoe/rake arch ... with our junky hands we would probably lose our grip and clobber the bride and groom!


Christine said...

I want to play with dyeing fabric so bad. Just not enough hours in the day.

The wedding sounds interesting, huh?

Sandra said...

Dyeing is so much fun and I'd love to try silk!

jane said...

What a cool wedding. Thats my kind of party. No high heels or stockings but hoe's and canning jars!

Penny said...

I love dyeing yarn so I think dyeing fabric will be great fun too!

I have a few silk hankies (for spinning).I think I will dye them when I have the acid dyes out for the silk scarves.

I'll try to give an update on the wedding. =)

Angela said...

Ready to learn.

Cath said...

Hello, Penny. What a beautiful blog !! =). I live in Kilkenny, Ireland and i am surrounded by nature, animals and I love the countryside. I used to dye my clothes when I was a teenager n that used to drive my mom really mad, but it was my style and some of the stuff would look really good, especially long dresses.
Dyeing is a great fun!!

Sunny said...

Hi Penny, my daughter has also done some dying, but of yarns, as she is into knitting. I got some dye a few weeks back intending to dye a jacket that I bought as light beige and going to try to get it to a dusty rose color. That and tie dying is about all I've done. Sounds like you will have a great time with this. I'll be watching for your posts on it!